Case study – Ellis Oram, World of Work Academy

Ellis, trust administrator at First Names Group, recently attended our World of Work Academy, here’s what she thought:  

What did you gain from the Wow Academy?

“I feel that I gained knowledge of how each person is different and how that works as a team to achieve the company’s goals.”

What was the highlight of the programme?

“The highlight of the programme for me was getting to work with and meet with new people going through the same stage and also being able to share experiences with people that hadn’t perhaps worked as long. I really enjoyed the structure of the course and how interactive the course was. There wasn’t a dull moment.”

Would you recommend it to someone else?

“I would recommend the course however to students for their last year of GCSEs or last year at Sixth Form. The course is very informative and is a great form of guidance for first start to leave education. This course would also be suitable for new starters however I felt that I had already had the learning curve of adjusting to work and learnt how to behave in a workplace culture after two or three years of employment whereas this course would be ideal for someone in their first month or so of working.”

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28th July, 2017

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