Case Study: Iain Beresford, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer, Collas Crill

Iain Beresford, the Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer at Collas Crill since 2008, took part in the GTA’s 12-month NED Development Programme.

Investec was Iain’s host board – he attended their board meetings to gain insight into their governance structure. He also spent time with people in key areas of the business to obtain an overview of all operations.

Below, Iain shares his view on the benefits of the NED Development Programme for individuals as well as for Guernsey’s business sector as a whole.

What is the NED Development Programme?

‘The programme offers businesses and organisations an opportunity to access high quality participants from a wide range of industries with a range of differing skills, experience, background and knowledge. It helps boards to understand both the level and type of diversity that would benefit them in the future.’

‘People don’t always realise that their skills are transferable and using them in different situations can be a good learning tool. Developing skills and talent in a structured environment is great, and it helps both sides, the board and the apprentice, to see things in a different way.’

How did you benefit from the programme?

‘Much of what I learned, I have brought back into my day job or it has given me confidence that what I do is consistent with good governance and up to date business practice.’

‘I was told before I started the programme to ‘watch the individuals’ which was great advice, as understanding the role each plays, their responsibilities and their interaction is really at the core of an effective board.  It’s interesting to see the impact that a single individual can have on that process – positive or negative.

‘I have been able to gain valuable insight into how a board operates. I had a dedicated Investec mentor, Sandra who sits on the Investec board, who was on hand to discuss the board pack prior to the meetings, as well as being there to discuss the outcomes of the meetings. This made me feel able to approach all staff for questions, as any director would do.

‘The programme also gave me the opportunity to challenge and question myself, my own level of knowledge and experience, and ask whether I had the right tools to be a NED capable of delivering and contributing to the demands of the boardroom today and in the future. I’d like to think so.’

Benefits for Guernsey and the charitable sector

‘I’ve often joked that Guernsey is NED-land, so having a programme that is dedicated to the future wellbeing of this, through education, training and development of the next generation of NEDs can only be a positive thing. It says a lot about the strength and depth of brand-Guernsey/Guernsey PLC, that we are actively seeking to bring diversity to the NED community and ensure that the future NEDs are equipped with not only the right skills, but the right experiences too.’

‘I would say that the programme would offer a great deal to the charitable sector by allowing them to access the knowledge and experience of ambitious professionals to contribute to the charity.’

‘Boards in the charitable sector often struggle to find directors with the appropriate board skills and experience, especially as most directorships are voluntary. This programme helps to generate a bigger pool of people that could volunteer to be directors for charities, helping this sector to build stronger boards with the right skills and experience.’

‘Ultimately, this excellent programme gives aspiring board members experience and access they may otherwise struggle to get – giving Guernsey a generation of aspiring board members for all sectors and industries.’

Find out more: NED Development Programme

Get involved: we are always looking for new host boards and new aspiring NEDs to join this programme.

Apply: to join the programme as an aspiring NED

Contact: Tina Torode [email protected] or call 721555

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27th April, 2018

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