Case Study: Ian Hardman, Chairman Guernsey Electricity

Ian Hardman, chairman of Guernsey Electricity Limited, explains how partnering the GTA’s Non-Executive (NED) development programme has benefitted the company.

The programme

The GTA’s NED development programme is helping develop the next generation of Guernsey non-executive directors to benefit individuals, companies and the island economy. In addition to training courses and networking events, participants benefit from a 12-month board placements – giving them crucial first-hand experience. It provides insight into an NED’s role and opportunities to develop skills needed to be a non-executive director.  The scheme includes the provision of a mentor.

Strong participants

In Ian Hardman’s words: ‘We interviewed five candidates for the board development role. All were outstanding, and we could have easily taken on board four of them for the role. They were well prepared, knew the ‘theory’ of being a good director and were excited about the opportunity.

‘We took on Gillian Browning, who is director of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission’s fiduciary supervision policy and innovations division. She has performed exceptionally well.’

How Guernsey Electricity has benefited

The GEL chairman says: ‘Taking part in the GTA’s NED development programme has provided many benefits to Guernsey Electricity – including having an extra person who can contribute to the effectiveness of the board and company.

‘They can also see things from a different perspective. Having someone from an alternative environment provides a broader spectrum on directorship approach. They have no pre-determined views or ideas.

‘It also offers greater diversification of the board and assists with succession planning. They could be a future NED for the company.

‘There’s also a sense of goodwill in helping someone develop, and helping Guernsey produce good, well-trained and experienced NEDs – even if they go on to be an NED elsewhere.’

Benefits for programme participants

‘Participants get a feel of what being a director really means, and if they want to do the role in future. It deepens knowledge around the workings of a commercial company board, including the role of a chairman, sub-committees, and what each NED brings to the table.

‘They can see that preparation for board meeting is key as well as active listening in meetings. They also learn about the company in general, and the issues it faces. If they contribute and perform well, it opens up the possibility of a future NED role within the company.’

Find out more about the NED Development Programme.

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2nd November, 2017

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