Information Technology

Adapt and adopt a digital mindset

Blog - 13th October, 2020

Last year, Agilisys commenced a 10-year Partnership with the States of Guernsey to modernise the island’s IT and infrastructure, transform public services and unlock...

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Increase in cases of cybercrime leads to new partnership for GTA University Centre

Blog - 27th October, 2015

THE GTA University Centre is responding to an increase in cases of cybercrime by partnering with online security experts for a series of courses....

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Learning to Code

Blog - 23rd July, 2015

You may ask yourself if learning to code software is a valuable skill? Will it be a skill I need in the future? What would be in it for me? Will it be useful for my...

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GTA partners with C5 alliance to expand range of IT courses

Blog - 9th April, 2015

THE GTA University Centre has formed a partnership with C5 Alliance to expand the range of IT-related courses it offers....

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GTA meets project management training demand

Blog - 20th March, 2015

AN INCREASING focus on the value of project management from Guernsey’s business community has led to demand for more training. ...

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Demand for digital knowledge and expertise leads to introduction of new courses

Blog - 16th January, 2015

DEMAND from all business sectors for improved digital knowledge has led the GTA University Centre to increase the number of related courses on offer....

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