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Case study: Donna Le Tissier, Programme Director, States of Guernsey

Blog - 14th May, 2018

Senior civil servant Donna Le Tissier says her skills have been enhanced since joining the board of the Guernsey Employment Trust on a long-term placement as part of the...

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Mindful Leadership: new date scheduled

Blog - 30th April, 2018

Following the sold-out launch of this course in March 2018, we are pleased to announce a new date for ‘Mindful Leadership – using neuroscience to increase...

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Case Study: Iain Beresford, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer, Collas Crill

Blog - 27th April, 2018

Iain Beresford, the Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer at Collas Crill since 2008, took part in the GTA’s 12-month NED Development Programme. ...

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‘Fiercely individual – collectively strong’: Oi’s top team

Blog - 16th March, 2018

In February 2018, the senior management team of pan-island creative and digital marketing agency Oi joined us for a 2-day bespoke in-house programme of Top Teams – what...

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Study skills – strategies for success

Blog - 2nd February, 2018

Learning is your life’s work – it never stops – not when we leave school, our undergraduate studies, or postgraduate work. To be successful in our careers every...

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Resilience: how to improve team performance and wellbeing

Blog - 22nd January, 2018

Following the success of our ‘working resiliently’ course, our tutor Shona McFarlane is now offering training in this area specifically for leaders and managers....

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NED development – view from Specsavers’ Dame Mary Perkins

Blog - 6th November, 2017

Specsavers’ co-founder and Ambassador of the NED Development Programme Dame Mary Perkins shares her view of the value of developing the island’s...

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Case Study: Ian Hardman, Chairman Guernsey Electricity

Blog - 2nd November, 2017

Ian Hardman, chairman of Guernsey Electricity Limited, explains how partnering the GTA’s Non-Executive (NED) development programme has benefitted the company....

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Case study – Tony Phillips, The MOE Foundation

Blog - 24th October, 2017

The MOE Foundation were introduced to the GTA by an enthusiastic former delegate which led to us hosting their Certified Coach training course....

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Case Study: in-house training Skipton International

Blog - 9th October, 2017

Skipton International asked us to arrange an in-house training course to support their employees in overcoming the challenges of effectively communicating with their...

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Case study – Louise Smith, Founder and Director, This Is EPIC

Blog - 27th September, 2017

Louise founded the charity This Is EPIC in 2013, after having implemented over 1,000 ‘Village Savings and Loans’ projects in Africa since 2007. This Is EPIC works...

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Case study – Gillian Browning, Director, Guernsey Financial Services Commission

Blog - 20th September, 2017

Gillian has been Director of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission’s Fiduciary Supervision Policy and Innovations Division since 2014 and joined the NED...

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Case study – Ellis Oram, World of Work Academy

Blog - 28th July, 2017

Ellis, trust administrator at First Names Group, recently attended our World of Work Academy, here’s what she thought:  ...

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Case study – Lucy Rimann, World of Work Academy

Blog - 28th July, 2017

Lucy is a trust administrator at Kleinwort Hambros. She attended our World of Work Academy recently. Here is what she thought:...

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Case study: Jade Cook – Company Secretary, Ipes

Blog - 13th July, 2017

Jade is an experienced company secretary working for the Ipes group of companies. In 2014 she was looking to further her professional development through an...

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Mark Corradine – Deputy CEO, Ganado Trustees & Fiduciaries Ltd

Blog - 11th July, 2017

Mark is a highly experienced trust and fiduciary professional, having worked for nearly 20 years in various jurisdictions in the wealth management industry. Amongst...

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Carol Edwards – freelance accountant

Blog - 5th July, 2017

Carol Edwards is a Guernsey-born and educated accountant....

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Keith Bell, Senior Associate, Babbe

Blog - 4th July, 2017

Keith Bell is an experienced company secretary and corporate lawyer who works for Babbe, one of Guernsey’s leading law firms....

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MBA students from the Channel Islands benefit from course’s inaugural visit to Maastricht

Blog - 8th February, 2016

A GROUP of 11 senior managers from the Channel Islands have spent a week in Maastricht as part of their master in business degree....

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Paul Smith, Vice Chair, Guernsey Investment Fund Association

Blog - 3rd December, 2015

“There is currently no qualification specifically designed to give people coming into the fund administration in Guernsey directly relevant to what they do and I feel...

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Kerry Bachelet, Head of Group HR, Louvre Group

Blog - 19th November, 2015

“We approached the GTA as we had a specific training requirement which wasn’t covered generally under other courses available, we needed Sales Training for Non-Sales...

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Sintija Williams, Officer, Opus Private Ltd

Blog - 17th November, 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed the courses I attended at the GTA (Advanced Presentation Skills and Effective Business Writing) and I have no doubt that they have already...

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Amanda Hobart, Human Resources Manager, Aurigny

Blog - 10th November, 2015

“We like the GTA’s fresh approach.  Recently,  we began looking for a training provider to help us with our Leadership and Management Development Programme....

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Luke Wheadon, MD, Bella Group

Blog - 10th November, 2015

“The Chamber of Commerce Sub group for Tourism and Hospitality is currently working with the GTA setting up a skills academy for the industry that will have...

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Tim Loveridge, Chief Risk Officer, GFSC

Blog - 10th November, 2015

“By working with the GTA, myself and the other members who represent industry on the GTA IT Advisory Group, have been able to identify and realise some fantastic...

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