Digital Greenhouse

The Digital Greenhouse has been established by the States of Guernsey to act as a focal point for the growth of the digital and creative sector. It is designed to support effective collaboration, co-working, networking and learning to enable successful innovation to thrive in Guernsey.


The three main roles of the Digital Greenhouse are to:

  1. Stimulate and accelerate start-up and growth activity in the digital and creative sector
  2. Improve the skills, knowledge and experience people and business have with technology and digital services
  3. Promote the island as a stand out jurisdiction for entrepreneurship, and as a destination for new business and businesses


Its objectives are to support the increase in:

  1. Employment opportunities in this sector and the diversification of the economy
  2. Productivity & innovation in existing businesses through the use of technology and creative processes.
  3. Start-up and entrepreneurial activity through the use of technology and creative processes.

For further information, visit their website here.