Finance for the Non-Finance Manager

Course Summary

This comprehensive course has been designed to provide those working in management from a non-accountancy background with all of the tools they will need to master the essentials of company accounting and bookkeeping. This course (in its entirety) aims to demystify the world of finance so that delegates can be confident in their own understanding of the information presented to them by company accountants.

This course will help delegates identify and interpret financial data, and other relevant information. In addition, where possible, the tutor will aim to use examples relevant to each delegate’s specific profession to provide maximum gain from the sessions.

Whilst this course has been designed as a series delegates are free to book on one or more sessions depending on their personal needs and requirements. This can be done on the individual course pages as follows:

Accounting Basics

Management Accounts Basics

Financial Analysis and Reporting Basics


Session 1 – Accounting Basics - 6 January 2021

In this session delegates will learn to translate accounting terminology, learn the basics of bookkeeping and discover the essentials of financial accounting.

Delegates will be given a thorough overview in:

  • the background of accounting standards, terminology and audits;
  • the basics of bookkeeping, including account preparation examples; and
  • financial accounting essentials and theory.

Session 2Management Accounts Basics - 14 January 2021

In this session delegates will learn how the provision of financial data and advanced forecasting to companies can help in the organisation and development of that company’s business. Delegates will go over the basics of budgeting, forecasting and cashflows.

Delegates will be given a thorough overview in:

  • the basics of budgeting;
  • the basics of cashflow;
  • introduction to management accounting concepts and forecasting; and
  • the chance to review a case study showing budget, cashflow and feedback.

Session 3 - Financial Analysis and Reporting Basics - 20 January 2021

In this session delegates will learn the importance of financial analysis and how the process of evaluating businesses, projects and other finance related data can determine their performance and suitability.

Delegates will also examine the key areas of financial statements and how to review and interpret them through an interactive review exercise.

Delegates will be given a thorough overview in:

  • financial analysis basics;
  • management information systems (MIS) and board reporting basics;
  • Project analysis;
  • the chance to review a case study dealing with project analysis; and
  • how to review an interpret the results within aset of the Financial Statements.

Course Benefits

This course has been designed as three standalone sessions covering key topics in each which can be taken individually or as a complete series to enable delegates to choose the topics most relevant to them and their business. Over the course of three sessions delegates will be provided with an overview of:

  • Accounting terminology
  • Basic book-keeping
  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Cashflows
  • Financial and project analysis
  • Management information and board reporting

The course is aimed at those wishing to improve their knowledge of basic accounting and understand the underlying principles of management accounting and budgeting.

The course will also look at a number of other relevant topics that non-financial managers should be aware of.

This course has been developed for the GTA

University Centre and focuses on both the finance and commercial sector.

At the end of this three session course delegates will have a comprehensive knowledge of the types of financial data they will need in a business and how best to interpret them. Delegates will finish this training with all of the tools they need to understand the basics of finance, demystifying the information presented to them so that they can confidently translate and analyse whatever comes their way.

Course at a Glance

  • Next Start Date: 6 January 2021
  • CPD Points: 12
  • Course Cost: £526.50
  • Course Length: 3 Half days (09:00-13:00) £526.50 if all 3 booked (10% discount)
  • Location: GTA University Centre, Guernsey
  • Tutor: Victoria Le Poidevin

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