Mindful Leadership – using neuroscience to increase emotional intelligence, wellbeing and performance

Course Summary

This innovative two day course draws on the latest neuroscience evidence and shows how mindfulness practice can improve your emotional intelligence. Developing your emotional intelligence enhances your performance, develops your leadership capabilities and boosts your well-being.


The aptitudes we need to succeed start with intellectual ability, but we know that this is not enough. People need emotional competence too, in order to realise the full potential of their talents. The great divide in competencies lie between the mind and the heart (or cognition and emotion). Some competencies are purely cognitive (for example analytic reasoning) whilst others combine thought and feeling in other words, emotional competencies.

Our emotional intelligence determines our performance, effectiveness and well-being and centre on five areas: self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy and social skills. An emotional competence is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work.

The research in neuroscience has shown the crucial role of mindfulness in developing emotional intelligence. There is growing evidence of the benefits, and the lessons from neuroscience are increasingly becoming adopted in the business sector with leading companies adopting emotional intelligence and mindfulness in staff programmes.

The benefits flow from:

  • Developing outstanding leadership.
  • Promoting excellent performance.
  • Enhanced well-being and happiness.


This is a very interactive and highly practical course with a particular focus on the implementation of what works for you, it seeks to ensure that the most appropriate techniques become habits. We cover four main areas:

1. Neuroscience and mindfulness: an introduction to emotion, perception and behaviour change

2. Practical attention training: to build self-awareness, self-management, motivation and connection with others

3. Healthy mental habits: discover new approaches for promoting well-being including effective listening, empathy, kindness and social skills

4. Mindfulness practice: lay the foundations that will support happiness, stellar performance and outstanding leadership

This course focuses on three Personal Competences and two Social Competences with the objective of helping you to develop you capabilities in these five areas.

The three Personal Emotional Competences determine how we manage ourselves:

  • Self Awareness – by introducing you to mindfulness practices the course will help you understand your internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions.
  • Self-Regulation – by combining your growing self awareness and the lessons from neuroscience, the course will provide you with tools and approaches to manage ones internal states and impulses.
  • Motivation – we will help you understand how to motivate yourself more effectively and realise your ambitions.

The two Social Emotional Competences refer to how we handle relationships:

  • Empathy – using mindfulness to improve how you can improve awareness of feelings, needs and concerns of others which is one of the foundations for great leadership.
  • Social skills – you will increase your ability to communicate with others in order to achieve desirable responses in others.

Course Benefits

You will come away with a range of tools and techniques that you can immediately put to use to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Increase focus
  • Increase feelings of happiness in yourself and others
  • Increase your positive connection to others
  • Manage distractions

Feedback from previous delegates:
"Excellent intro to the subject matter, explained well, very interesting and thought provoking. Knowledgeable and passionate tutors, excellent delivery." - Nick

Tutor Profile

Jon Buckland is an experienced senior manager and leader with over 30 years’ service in the public and private sectors. He created and has led the States of Guernsey's Innovation Lab which has focused on the development of innovation capabilities and competencies within the Civil Service. In driving this innovation work he was also Chief Officer for the Education Department where working with practitioners he developed a keen interest and passion in seeking to address staff well-being whilst delivering outstanding performance. So began a journey into the latest research in neuroscience and specifically the fields of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Jon's mission is to make life better for everyone and the course is designed to be practical, enjoyable and relevant to the real world in which we all live.

Chris Robilliard has been delivering Mindfulness training courses locally via The Studio since 2012. He has a postgraduate qualification in Mindfulness-Based Approaches which qualifies him to deliver training in MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) and MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy). Chris has been assessed and listed by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers and meets their Good Practice Guidance. He also has a degree in psychology and has worked for over 20 years as a chiropractor.

Chris has become increasingly interested in how mindfulness may be of benefit in an educational setting and how stress can influence learning. He is now part of a team working toward implementing a mindfulness programme in all Guernsey schools.

Course at a Glance

  • Next Start Dates: New dates TBA
  • CPD Points: 14
  • Course Cost: £495.00
  • Course Length: 2 day course (28 February & 1 March 2019, 09:00-17:00)

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