Top Teams: What it takes to go from Good to Great! (2-hour workshop)

Course Summary

In this two-hour session Chris Atkinson gives an insight into what it takes to take a team from being good to great, drawn from his personal experience of coaching winning teams.


No leader can make progress, much less succeed, alone. As challenging as it is to build a cohesive, high performing team it is not complicated. In fact, keeping it simple is critical whether you run the executive team of an organisation centred in Guernsey or the Guernsey office of a multi-national organisation.

This two-hour session gives an insight into how to take your team to the next level and introduces other sessions that Chris will be running with the aim to develop leaders of exceptional teams:

Tutor Profile

Chris Atkinson has a passion for executive team development and coaching business leaders to achieve their full potential. As a Vice President at Microsoft he learned the lesson that if managers are from Mars then leaders are from Venus, and so began his own leadership journey. The true measure of a leadership team is whether it attains the results that it sets out to achieve. Chris’ pursuit of leadership excellence re-invigorated Microsoft’s Asia Pacific Headquarters, enabled countries in Microsoft South East Asia to become best in class and inspired Microsoft Japan to go from worst to first, overcoming amazing odds. As their Vice President, Chris’s biggest contribution to the success of his teams, which spanned more than a decade, was his decision to become a coach to his leaders. Chris helped each team build trust, crystalize growth opportunities, achieve goal clarity and implement the disciplines of great execution required to achieve their success.

In 2013 Chris moved back to Guernsey and is now an executive team development consultant and coach, having packaged his experience, learning and insights into a modular leadership development program called “Good to Great!” which has already taken him to more than 10 countries around the world. Chris Atkinson is an Executive Coach for the GTA Coaching Centre.

Course at a Glance

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  • CPD Points: 2
  • Course Cost: £60.00
  • Course Length: 08:30-10:30 (2 hours)

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