Working for a Charity

Course Summary

A one-day interactive workshop tailored specifically to provide people with an overview of what it means to work within a charitable organisation and provide tools that will help them to do so.

Due to a limited number of places on this course we can only accept one registration from each charity. Please advise which charity you work for when you book your place.


Working within a charitable organisation is a hugely rewarding and fulfilling experience.

However, it can also be a daunting prospect, with the challenges and responsibilities faced differing greatly from those faced when working in a commercial organisation.

This unique one-day workshop is designed to help individuals gain a greater understanding of what it means to work for a charity, why someone might choose to do so and what the responsibilities are when doing so.

The experience is designed to enable individual to consider their own needs and the unique challenges of the organisation they work within, sharing experience with others who are committed to providing service to charitable organisations.


Definition of a charity

  • what it is
  • why it exists
  • how it operates

Why do it?

  • drivers
  • motivation
  • commitment

Getting a focus

  • what is your role?
  • what are your responsibilities?
  • what is your approach?

The customer

  • who are they?
  • what do they want?
  • how do you deliver?

The challenges

  • managing your time
  • dealing with emotion
  • coping with stress

Developing a personal plan

  • what do you need to do?
  • how are you going to do it?

Course Benefits

Provides a thought provoking and personally rewarding insight into what it takes to work for a charity.

Feedback from previous delegates:

"I thought this was brilliant at getting charity workers together so that they know that they are not alone; that their experiences are reflected by others. A day out from the day to day stresses of dealing with customers to focus on issues affecting their charity and them should prove most rewarding for many." - Jacqueline L

"I have used the GTA for many courses over many years and always found them to be good. This course made me see the differences between what I want to achieve in my working day and what maybe others may want me to achieve and got me thinking about how to manage the expectations of others while still getting job satisfaction and stimulation for myself. The course did help identify the challenges of working for a Charity were money is short and reliant on funding by the public but also showed that these same demands put on a company are also put on a charity where funding and personnel are less." - Trish D

"Good opportunity to rethink approach to being effective, efficient and outcome based - focusing on areas that are in our control." - Russ F

Tutor Profile

Founder of BIS, Richard Hamilton has almost 30 years of experience within the private sector, fulfilling senior roles in highly competitive and prominent local and international businesses. Throughout his career, he has always believed that people are the most valuable asset that any organisation has at their disposal.

Richard works with companies and individuals to identify what is required to take employees to the next level and has first-hand experience and a proven track record on the delivery of a wide range of courses.

The most successful companies that Richard has experienced are those that recognised the value of their key people and fully utilised their skills and capabilities to drive winning business strategies.

Richard has significant experience in the charitable sector including the Samaritans, Guernsey Sports Commission and the Child and Youth Community Tribunal.

Course at a Glance

  • Next Start Dates: New dates TBA
  • CPD Points: 7
  • Course Cost: Free
  • Course Length: Full Day (09:00-17:00)


Anyone interested in or already engaged in a role within a charitable organisation or in support of a charity.

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