Digital Leadership programme development

We are pleased to announce that the GTA Digital Skills Advisory Group, along with the States of Guernsey, are in the latter stages of developing a unique and innovative development programme to increase awareness and knowledge of digital skills for local senior managers, directors, and C-suite executives.

We are working with the Institute of Directors – Guernsey branch, the States of Guernsey and other key organisations to ensure that the programme is relevant, useful, and of interest to local leaders.

Kate Sole, GTA Digital Skills Programme Manager, commented on why this programme is in development:

‘With fast moving technology transforming the way organisations work it is essential that business leaders have a good grasp of digital, if they are to ensure that their organisations remain sustainable and successful. It is no longer enough for leaders to employ technical staff to grasp these opportunities and implement change, technology is a board level issue. To drive true efficiency and improved strategy, we need leaders who are fully aware and conversant in the technical areas, to ensure there is clarity around what they want from their technical teams. Just to remain sustainable all leaders need to have an understanding of digital to see where the opportunities and threats lie, as technology revolutionises the way we work.’

Justin Bellinger, Chair of the GTA Digital Skills Advisory Board, and Chief Digital Officer at Sure, commented:

‘We are in a period of increasing and accelerating disruptive change, it has never been easier to bring a new concept or technology to a global market. Guernsey is not immune to this disruption, it is essential that our Boards are prepared for the transformative impact that technology will bring to our organisations, whether we like it or not. Strategies need to be put in place that help guide our businesses through the fourth industrial revolution, strategies that allow our staff and businesses to survive and thrive through this period of rapid change.’

Format and content
The exact format of the programme is still being finalised to ensure it is the best fit for local organisations – but it is likely that it will take the form of 1 to 2 days of face-to-face training. Other flexible delivery options are also being explored.

The digital leadership programme will likely cover:
• Why, Who, What, When and How?
• Rethinking the customer journey
• Becoming a data-driven organisation
• The holistic digital organisation
• Disrupting the digital
• Digital transformation: internal influences
• Leading digital transformation in your organisation
• Forensic review of your organisation
• Planning model for digital transformation
• Innovating business modelling
• Digital strategy for your organisation

Register your interest 
If you would like to register your interest in attending this programme once it is scheduled please contact [email protected].

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27th March, 2018

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