“In my capacity of Chief Executive, States of Guernsey I have benefited from both personal coaching and that of developing my senior leadership through Insights profiling, working closely with [the GTA’s] Trish Ramsey.

The Leadership of the public sector covers a diverse range of functions, considerable public service provision and oversight of some 5,500 staff. Leadership at the most senior level is required to be dynamic, innovative and cohesive towards successfully covering and delivering such a large mandate. Fundamental to the team’s success has been: identifying skill mix, behaviours and style of such a broad range of leaders, not only for the benefit of my Leadership as Chief Executive, but that of all my team better understanding their own personal style and behaviours and a greater awareness of the team ‘mix’. Identifying awareness  has substantially benefited around the performance dynamics of the team, both on individuals having improved emotional awareness of themselves and in the team operating with cognisance of those dynamics – importantly leading to increased, but safe ‘challenge’ on both performance and team behaviours.

From a personal perspective I have found tremendous benefit from having a personal coach relationship in an otherwise isolated Leadership role.”

Paul Whitfield
Chief Executive, The States of Guernsey

“As part of our leadership and management development programme we have invested in Insights Discovery personal profiling to help us gain greater awareness of self and others. Supported by coaching, this tool has really helped us communicate better as individuals and teams”

Amanda Hobart
HR Manager, Aurigny

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